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Umbrella Insurance / excess liability

We currently live in a world of uncertainty with liabilities looming from every corner. More so, if you are a business owner, your journey to success can be very treacherous since competitors and customers can render all your efforts useless by filing liability claims against your business.

If you are in a car accident or your home sustains major damage due to weather, this type of policy can prevent financial strains. Such claims can exceed the coverage limit of your primary policy hence the need for an alternative coverage. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry as Innosure Insurance agency in Enfield, CT will help you with all your insurance needs. Below are three reasons why you should consider umbrella coverage.

It will act as your back-up protection

According to statistics, at least one-third of all small businesses have faced a lawsuit. These lawsuits are mainly from employees and customers who may seek compensation due to injuries sustained in the workplace or foul play. In some circumstances, liability claims can exceed the primary policy coverage. However, with an umbrella policy, you will be adequately covered. This policy can be attached to multiple insurance coverage options and will protect you beyond standard limits.

Saves you Money

If the liability exceeds your primary insurance coverage, you may be forced to pay the extra amount directly from your pocket. This can cause severe financial implications and setbacks. However, an umbrella coverage will pay for the excess amount thus saving you money.

Makes your Business Agile

There are numerous risks in the business world which are ever-evolving, and it might be hard to keep up. As such, the extent of liability issues that may result from those risks is not known. As such, to ensure that your business is agile at all times, it is imperative to secure an umbrella insurance policy.

In a nutshell, it is essential to keep yourself secure at all times since you may not know when disaster might strike. In this regard, Innosure Insurance agency will give you competitive umbrella insurance policies to ensure your business security, your auto limits, and protect your home from odd liabilities. As such, if you are a resident of Connecticut, consider visiting us in Enfield, CT to learn more about our services.


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